Ashish Srivastava

Seana Lifesciences

Mr. Ashish Srivastavahas 30 years plus industryexperience mainly with MNCs, where he has successfully handled teams (workforce) in India, USA, South East Asia, CIS, LatinAmerica & Africa. Currently, in his capacity as a advisorto some major businesses, he is into Mergers & Acquisitions in pharmaceuticals organizations in Europeand USA. Mr. Srivastava is also advising on the technical side related to pharma manufacturing in USA and is working with Amazon USA to launch a products within United states. Therefore Ashish posessesdeep understanding of the Workforce and how to build and retain talented teams acrossthe globe.


Building a Sustainable Workforce

Mon, 16/09/2019 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Session Type: Future Trends - The Workforce of the Future
Session Track: Conference Day 1 | 16 September