Dr. Tadesse Mekonen

Executive Director: Health Care Services, Research and Development and Education Programs
Avacare Pharmaceuticals

Dr.Tadesse T. Mekonen is theExecutive Director for Healthcare services, Education and R & D Programs atAvacare Global, a multinational healthcare and pharmaceutical company operating in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Dr. T. Mekonen is a very well established researcher, clinician, academician and mentor; especially in the areas of communicable diseases including HIV and TB and non-communicable diseases of public health importance. Previously, he helped establish and led a very successful country wide HIV clinical mentorship program in Namibia, led the pilot and roll-out of HIV Treat All Strategies; runthe first ECHO program on the African continent, a Digital video conferencing based education and mentoringprogramfor public health. He trained and advised practicing medical doctors, students, public health practitioners and policy makers in various areas of infectious diseases primarily HIV and TB and associated non-communicable diseases including Cardio-vascular diseases and cancers. He led and participated in different Public Health Treatment Guidelines development committees including in Ethiopia and Namibia and the World Health Organizations HIV Drug Resistance guidelines committee.He graduated with Medical Doctorate Degree from Addis Ababa University in Ethiopiaand Masters in Public Health with Cum Laude from Walden University in Minnesota, USA. He did fellowship at the Arthur Ashe’s HIV Fellowship Program at Cornell Presbyterian Hospital at Cornell University in New York City, USA. He also did advanced HIV and STI research, Advanced ART and Clinical Care Trainings at University of Washington, Johns Hopkins University and Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel. He was a recipient of the Young Researcher’s Award for Clinical Sciences, Treatment and Care at the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa held in Zimbabwe, Harare, in December 2015 for his work in Pediatric HIV Sero and Pro-viral DNA reversions in vertically infected children in Namibia.He wasalso awarded with a lifetime honor from the Golden Key International Honor Society for Excellence in Academic Achievement. An avid reader and eternal proponent of continued professional education; he also participated in various global, regional and country based medical and scientific conference; as a speaker,
Panelist, Panel chair or participant.