Faisal BinDail

National Committee for Pharmaceutical Industries (NCPI)

Faisal Bin Dail is the Chairman of the National Committee for Pharmaceutical Industries (NCPI) in Saudi Arabia, NCPI is the leading association for pharmaceutical manufacturers appointed in this position in March ,2018.
Faisal’s main task is to make sure that NCPI is on the track to meet its objectives and goals of providing patients with the best quality of medicine that is safe, effective and affordable. He has been active in the pharmaceutical industry for almost 20 years, started his career at MSD, and now he is the Deputy General Manager at AJA Pharmaceutical Industries Co. (AJA Pharma) which is a subsidiary of Saudi Chemical a leading joint stock company. AJA Pharma enjoys many partnerships with many global pharma companies in Licensing, Contract Manufacturing, and other collaboration forms.
Faisal BinDail has a degree in Pharmacy and MBA from King Saud University, and working with different stakeholders in Saudi Arabia to further develop & strengthen the pharma sector in Saudi Arabia.