Olakunle Olaniyi-Edwards

Director - Corporate Finance
DFS Africa

Olakunle Olaniyi-Edwards is an Executive Director and Co-Founder at DFS Africa, a Pan Africa Transaction advisory firm, with a bias for Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services and FCMG. He also leads the Transactions side of the Business. His experience cuts across the Financial Sector, Extractive Industries and Public Sector financing. His field of expertise hinges on core understandings of Financial Theories (Risk, Returns -Expected and Actual, Capital Allocation, Capital Structure, Pricing and Valuation), Financial Markets (Cash/Money, Equity, Debt and Derivatives markets), and Financial Products (Cash, Equity, Debt and Derivatives). His core skills are creating financial models on well-researched assumptions and data, analyzing core financial statements, creating Pro-forma artefacts, core valuations of companies, transaction origination, stakeholder management, and corporate governance advisory which he has demonstrated in roles held with HSBC, Barclays, RBS and Credit Suisse. Olakunle has a particular interest in the social developmental effect of a well-functioning market with good price discovery, transparency and deep liquidity pools, and the dent it makes on poverty.He is an avid fan of all that is Tennis and Football.