Shailesh Kapadia

Director - Generics Business
Opham SA

Shailesh comes from a humble background and started his career as Medical Representative in India. He worked with companies like Abbot India Ltd, Ipca Labs, & Merck & Co in India. Later, he moved to Africa in 2011 and since then he had worked withIndian, Multinationals,and African pharmaceuticals companies, predominantly in Oceaniaregion.From 2013 till Jan 2019, Shailesh was associated with an Africa focused private Adenia Partners. He managed the No 1 pharmaceutical distribution company of Madagascar –OPHAM SA, which is an investment of Adenia Partners. He has turned around the companyin these 5 years, not only in terms of revenue OR profits but contributing to the overall Healthcare System of the region by providing best quality generics with greater affordability. He strongly believes that if the healthcare is poor in the country, the growth of the country can't be possible. Enormous efforts were made to reach different parts of the region to supply medicines. Shailesh currently moves to Canada but still assisting pharmacuetical companies to establish in the region. He works closely with government agencies in Madagascar, Mauritius, Comoros Islands & Seychelles for the promotion of local manufacturing industries and establishing distribution setups. In Madagascar & Mauritius, Shailesh is widely known as Man of Generics, who chanced the perception of healthcare professions towards use of Generics in the region. Currently, he is working with a Canadian Pharmaceutical Company, Cellchem Pharmaceuticals Inc, to expand its horizons to African Continent. Shailesh is a Pharmacy Graduate with Masters in Business Management from Ahmedabad, India. Shailesh is also a good writer and his articles are often published in the newspapers too. A music lover and a strong passion for Yoga. Shailesh currently lives at Ottawa, Canada, with his wife and 14 years old son.