C.P.Shastry B.Pharm., MS, MDP

R.Ph Strategic Pharma Business Development Consultant & Market Research Pharmacist
Pharma Synergies

C.P. Shastry is a Research Pharmacist with post- graduate qualifications in pharmacy and business management.
He has over 35 years experience in international pharmaceutical industry, as a working professional and consultant.
He manages independently Pharma Synergies, which is an International Strategic Pharma Business Development Consultancy & Market Research Organization.
C. P. Shastry has been making presentations on strategic topics related to global pharmaceutical industry' in international forums in Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East and North America, including in CPhI Events, and business schools.
Pharma Synergies vision is to facilitate synergies between global & regional pharmaceutical industries and to disseminate knowledge among the stakeholders of global pharmaceutical industry, for affordable and easy access to healthcare.